23. mar, 2014

Vindparkstøy. Hvorfor er det ingen som lytter?


"A typical scenario goes something like this. A wind farm is built. Local residents are shocked by the noise they were assured they would not hear. They complain believing there must be a mistake or fault with the turbines. The local Council do not investigate directly. Instead they ask the developer to check for compliance with the conditions laid down when the wind farm was approved. This takes 3-12 months, sometimes longer. The operator can reduce the noise output using various control mechanisms and the Council would have no idea whether this had been done. Regardless, the developer demonstrates compliance with the imposed conditions even though the horrendous noise continues. After a year many complainants have given up, depressed when they realise they are alone fighting a giant with apparently unlimited resources they cannot beat. The Council realises it lacks the financial resources to fight the developer so they tell the complainants that the wind farm complies with the original ETSU noise assessment, so it cannot be a nuisance. The local residents are left to suffer. Why is nobody listening to their distraught voices?"