20. mar, 2014

Open letter: Wind Farms & Health 2014 - Sarah Laurie, CEO Waubra Foundation


Dear AMA Federal Office Bearers,

As I have not received a response to a detailed email sent to the AMA President and the Vice President 4 days ago concerning the AMA’s position statement on wind “farms” and health, this is an open letter to you all.

This matter is of considerable and increasing national and international interest, especially to rural residents whose health has been severely adversely impacted by existing wind turbine developments, some of whom have been forced from their homes because of the serious adverse health impacts on themselves and their families.

Do Federal AMA members realize that there are no studies showing there are no adverse health effects on a local population after installation of a wind development, and there are no longitudinal studies which show there are still no adverse health effects after 25 years?

In other words, product safety has NOT been established, despite industry assertions to the contrary.

Brevet er publisert 18. mars 2014.