23. aug, 2014

Boknyhet: “Wind Turbine Technology - Principles and Design”

Ny viktig bok om vindturbiner: “Wind Turbine Technology - Principles and Design”


Bokas redaktør er Samuel Muyiwa Adaramola – førsteamanuensis i fornybar energi ved Institutt for naturforvaltning (INA, NMBU) på Ås. Publisert 24. februar 2014, Apple Academic Press.


Teknologi, design og miljøproblematikk


Boka presenterer et utvalg av ny forskning på vindturbinteknologi, og introduserer noen av de grunnleggende prinsippene innenfor design av vindturbiner. Tema som omhandles inkluderer:   



- Aerodynamikk

- Generatorer og girsystemer

- Tårn og fundament

- Kontrollsystemer

- Prinsipper og design

- Miljøproblematikk


Forlagets presentasjon:

This important book presents a selection of new research on wind turbine technology, including aerodynamics, generators and gear systems, towers and foundations, control systems, and environmental issues.

This book introduces some of the basic principle of wind turbine design. The different chapters discuss ways to analyze wind turbine performance, approaches for wind turbine improvement, fault detection in wind turbines, and how to mediate the adverse effects of wind turbine use. The book is broken into four sections: the first focuses on wind turbine blade design, the second goes into detail on generators and gear systems, the third focuses on wind turbine towers and foundations, the fourth is on control systems, and the final section discusses some of the environmental issues.

This informative book:

• introduces the principles of wind turbine design
• covers methods for analysis of wind turbine performance
• discusses approaches for wind turbine improvement and optimization
• covers fault detection in wind turbines
• discusses mediating the adverse effects of wind turbine use and installation


Table of Contents




Part I: Aerodynamics

Chapter 1. Wind Turbine Blade Design; Peter J. Schubel and Richard J. Crossley

Chapter 2. A Shrouded Wind Turbine Generating High Output Power with Wind-Lens Technology; Yuji Ohya and Takashi Karasudani

Chapter 3. Ecomoulding of Composite Wind Turbine Blades Using Green Manufacturing RTM Process; Brahim Attaf

Chapter 4. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Using Differential Evolution; Travis J. Carrigan, Brian H. Dennis, Zhen X. Han, and Bo P. Wang


Part II: Generators and Gear Systems

Chapter 5. Performance Evaluation of an Induction Machine with Auxiliary Winding for Wind Turbine Power; Riadh W. Y. Habash, Qianjun Tang, Pierre Guillemette, and Nazish Irfan

Chapter 6. Time Domain Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Gear Contact Force in a Wind Turbine Gearbox with Respect to Fatigue Assessment; Wenbin Dong, Yihan Xing, and Torgeir Moan


Part III: Tower and Foundation

Chapter 7. Wind Turbine Tower Vibration Modeling and Monitoring by the Nonlinear State Estimation Technique (NSET); Peng Guo and David Infield


Part IV: Control Systems

Chapter 8. Sliding Mode Control Strategy for Wind Turbine Power Maximization; Oscar Barambones

Chapter 9. Two LQRI based Blade Pitch Controls for Wind Turbines; Sungsu Park and Yoonsu Nam

Chapter 10. Power Control Design for Variable-Speed Wind Turbines; Yolanda Vidal, Leonardo Acho, Ningsu Luo, Mauricio Zapateiro, and Francesc Pozo

Chapter 11. H∞ Based Control for Load Mitigation in Wind Turbines; Asier Diaz de Corcuera, Aron Pujana-Arrese, Jose M. Ezquerra, Edurne Segurola, and Joseba Landaluze


Part V: Environmental Issues

Chapter 12. Electromagnetic Interference on Large Wind Turbines; Florian Krug and Bastian Lewke

Chapter 13. Noise Pollution Prevention in Wind Turbines: Status and Recent Advances; Ofelia Jianu, Marc A. Rosen, and Greg Naterer




Editor: Muyiwa Adaramola, PhD
Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway

Dr. Muyiwa S. Adaramola earned his BSc and MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, and University of Ibadan, Nigeria, respectively. He received his PhD in Environmental Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Canada. He has worked as a researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, focusing on wind energy, wind turbine performance, and wind turbine wake. Currently, Dr. Adaramola is an Associate Professor in Renewable Energy at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway.


Link forlag: http://www.appleacademicpress.com/title.php?id=9781771880152